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1000 Calorie Diet

Diet Safely

When you cut your calories by an extreme amount, it is vital that you break up the calorie intake throughout the day. This will prevent you from feeling starved and will help your body burn calories uniformly. The best way to divide the 1000 calories is by taking in 300 calories in the morning, 200 calories at lunch, 200 calories as a mid-afternoon snack, 200 calories for dinner, and finally a 100-calorie snack before bed.

Meal Plans

There are many meals that can fill you up but stay under your calorie goal. The important parts of low calorie diets are to get the correct nutrients through lower calorie foods. For example, get your calcium through dark leafy vegetables instead of fatty dairy products. You can get your protein through lean turkey instead of red meats and nuts.

A great breakfast would be high fiber cereal, with fat free milk. Make sure you eat a small amount of fruit as well. Some other ideas include hard-boiled eggs and fruit, yogurt and fruit, or toast topped with reduced fat peanut butter and a banana. Every one of those breakfasts will give you the energy you need to start the day but also allow you to stay under 300 calories.

With lunch, you can either stay at 300 calories and then have a late night snack, or you can eat more calories and not eat before bed. Most people find eating 500 calories at lunch helps them get through the midday slump and not feel as hungry. You can have a taco salad that is meat-free, or have chicken stir-fry and stay at 500 to 550 calories.

Snacks are only possible if you find snacks that are calorie free or extremely low calorie. Celery stalks make a great snack and you burn all of the calories that you take in chewing and digesting the food. This will allow you to have a 200-calorie dinner. Making your own lunch is the best way to remain under your calorie goal

Weight Loss

With the 1000-calorie diet, you will be taking in 1000 fewer calories than you need a day. That means you will lose a pound every three and a half days, about two pounds a week. Many people find 1000-calorie diets very hard to follow, and they are not for the active. With a doctor's supervision, however, this diet can be a great way to kick start a weight loss program.

Kelly Osbourne

One of the most famous 1000-calorie diet in the news headlines is the Kelly Osbourne Diet. Kelly Osborne is the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne. She has successfully lost 50 pounds and now maintains that weight. It is extremely hardcore and recommended only to those who are trying to lose the few pounds or kick-start their diet. She combines her 1000-calorie diet with an exercise routine that includes plyometric, pilates, and interval training.

If you have any doubt on whether this diet works or not, Kelly is very healthy and she went from a size 14 to a size 2. She is roughly 110 pounds, and at 5 feet 2 inches, that is perfect. In addition, those who have followed her diet do no suffer from hunger as they are eating small meals throughout the day.

Long Lasting

The 1000-calorie diet offers you results quickly, but unfortunately, the results do not last. That is unless you complete a radical lifestyle change. Once your metabolism is jump started, if you increase your exercise, then you can increase your caloric intake without putting on weight. It is very important that you know what your RDI is. That is your recommended daily intake, or the amount of calories your body needs simply to function. With that number, you can figure out how many calories you can take in each day with exercise to maintain your weight.

The 1000-calorie diet is great for those who are looking at losing a large amount of weight in four to six months. Then you can switch to a diet that has you losing about a pound a week, or be able to burn more calories with a higher impact exercise program. There are many ways you can vary your caloric intake and exercise program to get your body to a healthy weight.

Calorie counting is one way to lose weight in a healthy manner. It works because your body requires a certain number of calories a day just to function. Anything under that amount will lead to weight loss. You will need to accumulate 3500 calories to equal one pound of weight loss. People select diets based on how many pounds a week they would like to lose.

One such diet is a 1000-calorie diet, which has the dieter only eating 1000 calories a day. An average person needs between 2000-2500 calories a day to function and the safest weight loss per week is between one and three pounds. That means each week you must eat 3500 to 10,500 calories less. By following the 1000-calorie diet, you will easily lose two pounds a week.


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1000 Calorie Diet