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Bodybugg Reviews

one phone session with a coach and a three-month subscription to the web-based program, as well as a personal meal plan customized with food logging capabilities.

The straps on the device are used to attach it to the user's arm; it can also be clipped on the belt, or attached to some other article of clothing. It then monitors the user's calorie burning as well as calorie consumption.


Bodybugg checks on 5 separate points of information to follow your calorie burning with a reported average of 92% accuracy. It follows your steps as you try to complete the suggested target of 10,000 daily steps. It works as a complement to any diet or exercise program that you may be following. All you need to do is ensure that you keep an average daily calorie deficit based on your weight loss goals.


The online program offers a user friendly interactive food log listing more than 18,000 items, as well as menus that can be customized, exercise calculators, exercise programs that can be viewed and printed and informative articles. You can access the interface from any computer with internet access.


The Bodybugg has an adjustable armband designed for the comfort and convenience of the user. Reviewers commend the ergonomic design and ease of use.

Digital Display

The online interface is where you manage your weight loss programs. You can download the data from your armband device with the help of a wireless communicator. The software program then tries to deliver an accurate reading of the calories notched up by the user.


Technology partner, BodyMedia, has spent several years optimizing the sensors and measurement components - 1) accelerometer, 2) heat flux, 3) galvanic skin response, 4) skin temperature, 5) near body temperature. All of these sensors, and fine-tuned algorithms take in the data to determine actual calorie expenditure. In the research studies, when making comparisons of the readings of calorie usage from the Bodybugg to the same acquired in a metabolic chamber (the ?gold standard? of calorie expenditure measurement), the bodybugg? armband had an accuracy rating of 92% on average.

Technical requirements
PC with USB Port (multiprocessor systems not supported)
Windows 98/ME/2000 SP3/XP
128MB RAM or higher
System software
Fast and reliable Internet connection
Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
The program now supports Mac software as well


Bodybugg Version 3 digital display (black) is priced at $149.95 with an Amazon listed price of $119.99.


Many customers who have used the device have found the real time information that the web interface provided as being very useful. It is important to remember that this device will not directly result in pounds lost, and is only a monitoring tool. Others highlight the fact that there are no potential side effects related to the use of this product. However, the cost is seen as an issue for some others with many comparing the product to other calorie measuring devices available in the market.

There has also been some criticism about the build quality especially relating to the tendency of the product face popping off. Some are disappointed that they still need to do the hard work to see any results. Some users have responded with concern over their self-observed compulsive dependence on the system and others have experienced compatibility issues with some computer operating systems.

The Bodybugg is an electronic weight-loss aid that became popular after appearing on the NBC series The Biggest Loser. It is a simple personal tracking device that records every move you make thus allowing you to measure actual calories burned and consumed. The makers claim it to be the world's most intelligent calorie management system, resulting from over a decade of research.

How Does It Work?

The basic principle behind this product is that you need to burn more calories than you consume. When you purchase the Bodybugg, you get an armband that works with the digital display,


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Bodybugg Reviews