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Chinese Secrets To Fatty Liver Review

It starts with the question uppermost on most adults minds, weight retention and their inability to lose the pounds. Abe suggests that this is due to a liver that has progressively slowed through years of strain - so much so that instead of processing and digesting fat, the liver starts to retain and hold on to it. In particular this is true of carbohydrates derived from the sugars in fruits which the liver retains instead of eliminating from the body.

According to Abe, the principle energy source is glycogen which is present in the muscles and liver. Glycogen is recognized as a carbohydrate by the body and only once it is depleted will the body's own store of fat be utilized. When added to the slow speed at which a distressed liver deals with Reactive Oxygen Species (a type of toxic chemical produced in the body that damages cells and could potentially cause cancer) it is no wonder that treating liver disease becomes time consuming, expensive and drug dependent under normal circumstances. However none of these modern methods of treatments actually look at the underlying reason for the problem occurring. Moreover this cannot be explained away in terms of over-indulgence in food or greed as this would make the Chinese fat too.

Abe's system is designed to release the body's ability to burn fat rather than store it. He enumerates natural strategies to tackle this problem, complete with planned meals composed of healthy mix of food groups including vegetables and exercises to get you fit. He identifies the chemical sparks that make the treatment of fatty liver virtually impossible, until those triggers are identified and eliminated. Only in doing so can you reduce cancer risk and re-assert control over the disease by being able to burn off fat when it should be burned. This will lead to you feeling much healthier, clear up your skin and overcome the chronic feeling of tiredness, bloated feeling and fatigue you have been experiencing. The knock-on effect also enables you to sleep better, feel refreshed, and get a new lease on life. The general feeling of well-being means that you need never suffer from depression again.

As a scientific well researched method, the secrets shows you how to make the necessary changes in your life and will also save thousands of dollars in medical fees, consultations and treatments.

Social Media & Reviews

Extensively mentioned and commented upon with a number of hits on Google and other sites such as youtube. Most of the so-called review sites are advertisements for the product and linked back to the Chinese Secrets website. Therefore it is very difficult to ascertain which reviews are genuine and which are manipulated. Along with several other fatty liver treatments, this one also looks at diet, lifestyle, exercise and herbal remedies to correct the problems caused by a damaged liver. gave it a very good meta-score. On the plus side, apart from being cheaper than other alternatives, what it advocates is common sense, it focuses on certain elements which Abe has identified as being the causes of the problem and looks at solutions to dealing with those triggers. On a critical note, it is quite general in tone.

By studying the eating habits and lifestyles of the Chinese populace for over two decades, Abe Hsieh was able to discern what it was that made obesity a very rare condition in Chinese society, in spite of the fact that they ate a lot of fried foodstuff, consumed mountains of rice, very rarely munched on any salad and yet remained remarkable healthy. He discovered that the Chinese were not calorie conscious and did not bother with things like glycemic indexes and concluded that the answer was not genes but something else altogether.

What's Included

Along with the principle Ebook, costing a modest $27, the package also consists of three extra bonus ebooks free of charge- 100 tasty Recipes from China; How to attract money and live freely by using Feng Shui; and a compendium of Chinese Herbal remedies to counteract modern diseases.



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Chinese Secrets To Fatty Liver



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Chinese Secrets To Fatty Liver