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HCG123 Review


HCG 123 is available in liquid form in bottles of 60 ml. Dosage is in the form of drops making it very convenient and easy to administer. A 2 oz. bottle of Hcg 123 is enough for a program lasting 30 days. It is said to be safe, natural, results in a near permanent weight loss and is said to be relatively risk free. Unlike some other weight loss supplements, HCG 123 can be bought without a prescription.


Light to moderate exercise such as walking, jogging, yoga, pilates, light resistance training, dancing and aerobics. It is advisable to keep the intensity level low. In any case a doctor should be consulted before beginning any exercise program.


The official websites to buy it are either or which has HCG123 priced at between $55 for one 60 ml bottle, 2 bottles for $79, three for $99, four for $109 and 6 bottles for $129.


Two different diet plans are suggested, a three week program and a six week program divided into 4 phases - starting with taking the drops, getting started on the diet, stabilization phase and finally keeping the weight off permanently. The drops are most effective when combined with a diet that restricts the calorie intake. Three different diets are suggested a 500 calorie diet, an 800 calorie diet and a 1200 calorie diet. Though there are no restrictions on the use of salt but alcohol is prohibited.


You will be eating normal, healthy food that is easy to find at your local grocery store. A typical menu will consist of a choice of proteins, vegetables, helpings of fruit and cracker portions per day. Protein recommended are chicken, steak, shrimp, veal, while fish such as halibut or tilapia, lean ground beef, lobster and crab. The dietary instructions for vegetarians are exactly the same with the exception of protein, wherein you can substitute either skim milk or non-fat cottage cheese. Some vegetarians have also found satisfaction using tofu.

Side Effects

HCG 123 has been around for a while and has proven to be one of the best and safest Hcg drops on the market today. Some users experience slight headaches and dizziness during the beginning of phase 2.


Unlike some other weight loss supplements, HCG 123 can be bought without a prescription. The diet is not without its pros and cons and the dieter must understand the risks of following this weight loss program. Reviews on sitejabber and youtube are mixed with some saying it has worked wonders and others not liking the taste, complaining of stomach pains and headaches. One reviewer commented that since it was a homeopathic drug, its concentration was so diluted as to have no effect at all. It is important to understand that the HCG 123 drops are only a half the story. Taking only the drops will not work. You will need to change your eating habits too. Main advantages are that it as a non-prescription item, it is available over the counter and is very easy and convenient to administer.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone naturally produced in pregnant women which controls the metabolic function through the hypothalamus. HCG used in diet protocols is a synthetic variation and has been around for quite a while.

HCG 123 increases the levels of HCG hormone and kick-starts your weight loss process by breaking fat molecules in your body and increasing your body's metabolic rate to burn more fat.


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HCG 123 Review