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Liver Cirrhosis Bible Review

beautiful natural sounds that induce tranquility and finally three months of personal support and counseling via email from Debra for up to 50 people . All of the above plus a 60 day money back guarantee if not satisfied comes at a total package cost of $47.


The starting point of the plan is the elimination of the four causes of chemical imbalances that hinder the process of cleansing. This is followed by the attempt to revitalize the liver by flushing the lipids and clearing the jammed up decaying cells. It looks at a particular part component of the liver that plays a vital role in maintaining good health. Following on, the plan calls for the reversal of toxic build-up left by the debris of dead cells, leaving the liver in an impaired state. The plan then looks at ways to redress the imbalances in the liver caused by chemicals that could potentially cause cancer. It examines the role of fruits particularly fructose which is readily transformed in to fat and stored by the liver. So,restricting the carbohydrate boost that derives from fructose and eating the right kind of seasonal fruits at the right times is particularly important in halting the development of liver problems. The protocol then goes on to identify and demonstrate unique toning techniques to re-invigorate the hepatic function and get a metabolic boost. By burning fat and getting back into the right shape for you, the plan looks at ways to un-block arteries thereby restricting the chances of a stroke or heart problems. By following this protocol the benefits also have a knock-on effect as it resolves other problems associated with cirrhotic liver condition, such as chronic fatigue, blotchy skin and skin rash.


Reviews online have been very positive. The reviewers on one site rated the product in a number of ways, how easy it was to use or follow, what kind of after sales support was offered to purchasers, whether the features were comprehensive and covered all the topics, how reliable the results were if implemented in full and lastly whether the product offered value for money as regards its pricing. The Liver Cirrhosis Bible garnered an overall average satisfaction rating of 4.95 out of 5 based on 63 reviews. Many who used the protocol were extremely grateful as they had a life changing reversal of their problems after following the program. For others the return to normality was a major positive consequence.  The website itself contain several testimonials from people from all over the world who have benefited from following the protocol.

The Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol, written by Debra Elkin contains fact filled pages of practical advice and information about liver damage and cirrhosis, and how to conquer the effects of and reverse the degenerative destruction caused by the disease.

What's Included

The protocol referred to is a five-fold holistic plan drawn from the experiences and multi-dimensional solutions developed by Jacob Ezra following 27 years of research. A five step plan for the reversal of the damage done by fatty liver syndrome and cirrhosis. Plus bonus materials including the following materials - ebooks on how to detox naturally, a compendium of remedies using herbs, how to breakdown fat and improve metabolism, an alternate route to insuring health and reduce insurance costs by 40%, peaceful relaxation at home through guided calming techniques, a Raja Yoga ( meditation techniques to master the intellect) handbook, musical recording discs  with over 12 relaxing hours of


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Liver Cirrhosis Bible



Debra Elkin

Liver Cirrhosis Bible Review