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Medi Weight Loss Reviews


Clinics are located in various parts of the US, Medi Weightloss website has a clinic locator button which enables people to find a clinic near them.


The program is based on what it calls the 5 Keys to Success that ensure patients are given the right means to lose weight and transition to a healthier lifestyle. These consist of medical, nutritional, motivational, physical and educational tools.

1. Medical - The program starts with an Individual consultation with a member of the medical team, who will comprehensively review your health and medical history. This is followed by tests that include a comprehensive blood panel, blood pressure checks, EKG, and a record of your starting weight and body fat index.  

2. Motivation - The Medi-Weightloss program is staffed by experts who make sure you are motivated to lose weight in a healthy way.  


3. Physical - Physical Activity is seen as a critical part of long-term well- being. The program provides tools to incorporate exercise into your overall fitness schedule including a portable, fitness program, equipment that allows you work-out anywhere and anytime, some resources on the Signature Patient Website, pedometer, a DVD with four workout sessions (full-body), poster and educational manual.

4. Nutritional - The programs have been developed by dietitians  to provide patients the educational tools and resources to make healthy eating choices including - weekly menus, Shopping Lists, Recipes, Eating Tips, Nutritional Articles, Newsletters and Supplements that assist in weight loss.

5. Educational - The program incorporates many educational tools to reduce and maintain weight loss including access to the Signature Patient Website which has over 400 exercises, workouts, videos and articles, Informative Handouts and Articles, Fast Food Dining Education, Healthy Recipes and MediLiving (an exclusive patient magazine)


The Medi-Weightloss Clinics program is divided into three phases.

Phase One: Acute Weight Loss

During the Acute Phase, you will visit your clinic on a weekly basis. The initial consultation is a medical exam to evaluate your current health. During this initial consultation, you will set goals with your assigned team of professionals at Medi-Weight Loss and they will give you strict instructions for your first week on the program, inclusive of a shopping list and menu suggestions and well as instructions for exercise and Medication (if prescribed by a medical provider)

Phase Two: Short-Term Maintenance

This phase consists of weekly consultations and assessment of overall health and body composition, As your intended goal weight comes closer, your counselor is meant to catch up with you on a weekly basis to give you tips on maintaining the balance required to boost your attempt to get fit and healthy. You are informed on ways to lose weight and given tools to resist temptation. Should it be necessary, you are also given appetite suppressants (FDA approved), supplements and vitamin and amino acid injections to maintain energy levels.  

Phase Three: Wellness

Once you have reached your weight loss goal and moved into the Wellness Phase, you will be expected to go into the clinic on a monthly basis and are helped and supported in several ways to keep the weight off. This phase includes advanced testing and analysis, a check-up, strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and access to ?Signature? supplements and products.  


Program fees can vary from individual to individual. For specific pricing, interested people are directed  to call  a telephone number - 1-877-MED-LOSS or to find a Medi-Weightloss Clinic in their area.


Many people choose this program because the program is medically supervised, the costs are seen to be  reasonable and a Medi-Weight Loss center was located close by.


There have been mixed reviews on Yelp with most being happy with the results.  Many said that the plan is easy to follow, the counselors were kind and knowledgeable about how the diet would work to achieve the stated goals. Many have changed the way they select food that they eat and how often they eat during the day.

Others were not so enamored with the program and compared the diet to a starvation diet. Some reported gaining back the weight within weeks after stopping the program.

There were 82 posts on this site with mixed reactions to the program- with some advocating it and other questioning its drastic starvation diet, the usefulness of its supplements and the cost.

Nine reviews with some saying how easy it was to follow and how anyone could do it. Some expressed surprise that they had lost weight faster than expected.


The program is reviewed in terms of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages included the physician supervised program hence deemed to be safe, the weight loss guarantee and on-going support. Disadvantages included the cost as these are not discussed at all and have to be negotiated on an individual basis depending on one's goals and starting health status. Another factor seemed to be that in order to subscribe to the program one has to live near one of the locations, due to the regular nature of the visits one was expected to make. This may not be feasible or practical for everyone.

What Is Medi?

Medi Weightloss is a 3 phase weight loss program created by experts in medicine, diet, nutrition, fitness, motivation & education. It was established by Edward Kaloust in Tampa in 2004 and claims to be one of the largest medically supervised weight programs in the United States.

Medi Weightloss program is a clinically-supervised custom designed weight loss program for people keen to lose weight and wanting to learn to eat and live a healthier life. Customers are provided with expert counsel on appropriate weight-loss plans taking into account their aspirations, current health condition and medical history.


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Medi Weight Loss Reviews