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Yoplait Diet Plan

Yoplait Light

You need to go in for the fat-free type of Yoplait Light, because of its better calorie and sugar count over the other kinds of Yoplait. In fact, Yoplait Light only contains 100 calories per container and makes a great addition to your diet. Yoplait has 33 different flavors to choose from for their Light series so you should have no problem with sampling different varieties over the plan period.

Does It Work?

The Yoplait diet uses an effective and healthy diet plan which follows many practical and safe rules of dieting. At the same time it the plan creates a caloric deficit which over a fortnight could easily add up to a two to five pound weight loss. The amount of weight that is kept off or subsequently regained will depend on whether the dieter can transition and stick to a healthier eating regime after completing the plan. Yoplait claims that the Yoplait diet will help an individual lose up to five pounds in two weeks.


The diet provides a free tailored meal plan consisting of food available at any local store. The broad macronutrient composition of the plan with such a low calorie intake prevents significant loss of muscle mass. After the two week period it is easier to transition to similar healthy dietary regimes through planning and portion control of the content of your meals.


Boredom is the biggest factor after consuming so many varieties of yogurt and Yoplait recipes. Only being able to consume protein during dinner can leave dieters feeling hungry and dissatisfied. The first two meals of the day are practically identical and contain very little solids. For this plan to succeed one must like yogurt otherwise it would be impossible to follow this diet. The plan also includes the consumption of some foods which are highly processed, so beware of allergy related effects.



Comments on this site express favor the view that if you follow the Yoplait diet, you could lose the 2-5 pounds, but the repetitive meals and high yogurt consumption may lead to boredom and loss of interest. So while the efficacy and safety may be undoubted, the plan may not be for everyone. In summary, the Yoplait diet would be recommended for anyone looking for a structured meal plan to help provide quick weight loss results that will also help transition into a healthier lifestyle

The diet plan can be briefly condensed into replacing breakfast and lunch with a Yoplait Light yogurt, a grain and a fruit. In addition, the diet recommends only lean protein, non-fat dairy and balanced dinners and snacks and includes walking for at half an hour a day. You can't eat yogurt forever so if you go for this plan, you should figure out how to keep up your weight loss beyond the two weeks on the diet. Some consider the plan as too restrictive. The good thing about it is that it encourages you to eat vegetables and fruit. When evaluating the effectiveness and safety of the Yoplait diet it is important to consider whether this diet is the best choice for you.

The Yoplait diet is a weight reduction plan which focuses around the inclusion of Yoplait brand of yogurt to regular meals. It seeks to demonstrate the goodness of Yoplait yogurt and the weight loss benefits that may accrue when incorporated into your diet. The Yoplait diet plan is called a Two Week Tune Up as it comprises a meal plan that you are expected to follow for a fortnight. The diet also features healthy meals alongside Yoplait yogurt. The company also offers extensive recipes to add to your meal options. The diet plan became popular due to the recognition of the Yoplait brand and its link to health conscious customers. Together with the suggested meal plans, the Yoplait diet has proven to be a sustainable diet for weight loss purposes.

Meal Plan

Breakfast, lunch and dinner feature considerable portions of Yoplait and related dairy products. Meal are meant to be a balanced affair with reasonable portions of lean proteins, cereals and vegetables.  


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Yoplait Diet Plan